True Happiness Begins When You Allow Yourself To Be Yourself

Hello My Fluffy Teddy Bears

This is really a message for the once that are not my Fluffy`s tho, but still watches my videos and really wish to change me in one way or another. For some people, or even many my eating videos ar not relaxing at all. They think it`s too load, they think I eat in a way that they find really, LIKE REALLY disgusting, and they think I eat too fast. And you know what? It`s ok!! It`s ok that you have this feelings. Feelings are just feelings, and you can`t control them. What you can control is what you do about them. But that`s not what we are gonna talk about today.
For many of my viewers (not my fans) my eating videos are not relaxing, they are not giving you ASMR, and you dont`t enjoy them. It`s ok! I respect that! But you still watch them tho....and also putting some energy into commenting, getting yourself all worked up... But that`s not the point. But heres another thing. A lot of people find it relaxing, some get ASMR, and they enjoy my videos. 

What I`m trying to say is that I eat and behave in a manner that come natural to me. This is my way of expressing myself creative and artistic. You might not see it that way, but that does not really matter. What matter is that I`m doing something that makes me happy, and obviously there are many others that like my way of expressing myself which makes me really happy, and lucky. But for those who doesn't like it, that is not my problem at all. I`m not forcing anybody to watch my videos, and in a world full of love, there will also be a lot of hate. 

I`m doing something that makes me happy, and I`m having fun

If I was trying to please everybody else emotions and needs, I would not be able to make videos, because I would have found myself being controlled and pushed in different directions, ending with me not being myself and happy. 

True Happiness Begins When You Allow Yourself To Be Yourself

For the once that loves me for me, it`s awesome and I appreciate it so much. But I don`t expect it, and I should not. Expectations only leads to disappointments. And for you that does not like me and my style, it`s not my problem, nor my responsibility to make you happy. 

Some people think I should listen to the feedback, and I actually do! But that doesn't mean I`m gonna totally change myself, my personality and style if it does not feel right. I will maybe eat slow into the ears sometimes if I feel like it, but my personality and me "Solfrid", loves healthy food. Solfrid eats fast, especially when she is hungry, and she love to tap, whisper, make eating sounds, and express herself and here energy when it comes to ASMR youtube entertainment. So what you see is what you`ll mainly get when it comes to food. Some love it, some hate it. To me it`s not a problem at all. 

ASMR is a feeling, and just because you don`t experience that feeling, doen`t mean it`s not ASMR. It`s just not your ASMR trigger, but it might be for someone else. Not everything is about you , your needs and feelings. This goes for me as well.

My little Fluffy Teddy Bear when he was tiny. <3

It was really difficult for me in the beginning with all the hate that was going on in the comment section of my eating videos. People calling me different names, and trying to be as cruel as they could possibly be. I got really hurt sometimes.  But guess what. I have become stronger, and I have gotten a ticker skin. I just don`t really care anymore. I have learned how to protect myself. I`m not spending much time in the comment section, and that is a lovely feeling to just let go of the control, and just let the comments live their own life. People can write whatever they want, because their words, opinions and their thought reflects what`s living inside of them, and has nothing to do with me. 

(english translation: Taste is like the ass. lt`s divided. Or you can say like this: There is no accounting for taste. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.)  





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