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Hello my dear and Fluffy Teddy Bears

If you want to be sure I get your comment, please write it on my latest video within 24h. If you write a comment on an old video it will most likely get lost. I could have gone through thousands of comments, but it would not be a healthy thing for me to do, and I also don`t have time. I have decided to have my comment section open on all my videos, even if there are a lot of hate going on, but that does`t mean I should read it, and surround myself with all that hateful energy 24/7.

I always read the comments on my latest video at least once, good or bad. I really appreciate you commenting, and I love this way of connecting with you!! I`m so thankful that you enjoy my videos! I can not say that enough.

It`s nice to feel good at something. What I`m not good at is communicating or being able to be interesting through writings and pictures, when it comes to just personal life. This is something I know, because I have blogged and done Instagram for years without any paying attention to me. It`s just difficult to show your personality through a photo and text I think. That`s just life. I can`t be good at everything. Sometimes I just suck, and also, my life is not that interesting, that`s why I`m glad I can do ASMR, where I don`t have to share my life if I don`t want to, but on the other hand, I can if I want. I`m not even that comfortable just writing about day to day life, taking selfies, and just focusing on looks, body, and what I did in a day. Sometimes social media can be so sad. When It`s all about the looks.
I don`t know if this is true, but I heard stories about someone tried to commit suicide because s(he) didn`t get enough like on their photo. It`s so sad when people base their value on thumbs ups and likes. So so sad! Why must it be like that? :,-( And when people get addicted to selfies, because it`s all about having the perfect look.

No no no

Let`s try to turn this a little bit around. What about trying to take some goofy pictures instead. Try to look our worst. Much more healthy I think. At least to me. 

So yeah. This company that sells "black is white" toothpaste contacted me on famebit, because they wanted to hire me. But after doing some research and I said yes to the offer, they didn`t want to hire me. Sometimes they probably just send out offer to a bunch of people to see who's interested. But I found out they don´t even ship to Norway.
But after reading about it I was hooked, and I really wanted to try it even if they could not sponsor me. I was so thrilled over the ingredients in that toothpaste. The active ingredient that removes everyday stains is coal. I tried to find the brand online, places that shipped to Norway, or online stores already located in Norway. But what da .....!!!! So soo expensive. No way I`m paying five hundred kroner for a toothpaste. Hubby just said to me. Why don`t you just buy coal tablets on the pharmacy. And after again doing some research this was just an awesome idea and so cheap. I just put a tablet into my mouth, chew it, and then brush my teeth with it. And after, I brush my teeth with a regular toothpaste. 

I had really yellow naturally teeth in the past, and I bleached them once in the dentist office, but it did not help, so then they made me a kit, so I could do the bleaching at home. Much better, and it helped. But bleaching of teeth over and over again are not good for the tooth enamel at all, so using coal that is really gentle to the teeth is something I believe can be a good replacement to use after bleaching of teeth, to keep the teeth white, so you don`t have to bleach again. At least in a long time. 

People have been requested me to make an ASMR dental hygiene routine video, I should probably do that in the future. Dental hygiene is really important. 





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