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Soon very soon Fluffy`s, a taste testing.

I have often enjoyed watching videos like this, people tasting food from different places of the world. I thought it would be fun to make one myself when they asked me If I wanted to taste their snack, and I also thought you would be really happy. I know many of you have requested me eating something unhealthy. Like your guilty pleasure food. It was really fun for me to make this video and it was a lot of yummy snack in there as well, which I`m sure candy lovers would really love. For me I`m not into candy in my daily diet. I feel really bad when I have eaten unhealthy food. That`s the truth, and I prefer it that way. I don`t see anything bad in feeling bad about eating unhealthy food. As I may have mentioned earlier I`m trying to quit dairy products. My body, skin and mental health can not tolerate the hormons and fat that are in those products anymore. But this change is not done over night. If you`re gonna quit something, you will have to replace it with something else that taste as good, or better. You can not just stop eat. 
Also, my family and friends, they all eat meat and dairy, so I`m thinking on how difficult it`s going to be when I`m visiting them, at least those that are not my closest. I will maybe have to bring my own food, and tell them no thank you to the food they have made for me, which will make me feel really rude, and it will be a complicated thing for me to get used to, and maybe for them as well.  And how I`m gonna manage on days where I don`t want to put a lot of energy into making food, but really want to eat healthy and get full. I wish they could sell vegan pizza for instance.... no, I mean dairy free pizza ( I don`t like the word vegan so much), in the grocery store. For days I don`t have time, or want to make food. Because those days will definitely come around sometimes. Last week I eat vegetarian pizza tho. It was good. But I suspect that I got breakouts from the cheese.

So back to this really nice box. I actually said yes to this sponsorship before I got so inspired to quit dairy products. And you know. I have eaten a lot of cheese this year, so I thought it would be ok just stick to the plan, and go through with it. I know a lot of you fluff`s probably eat meat and like the regular diet anyway, and some of you probably love to treat yourself with candy. Maybe you are crazy for chocolate. So why not. But I will not say yes to another one though, unless it`s vegan and preferably all natural ingredients, because now I know for sure what I want. Like dried fruits or something like that.

Stay tuned!




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