The Other type Of ASMR

Hello my Dear and Fluffy Teddy Bears

It`s different kinds of ways to do ASMR. 1. There is the type of ASMR where you only show your hands, or your mouth when you eat. That you never show your face. 2. Then there is the typ of ASMR where you show your whole face. And then it is the quit where you don`t talk, and then it`s the one where you talk. 

As you maybe have noticed I have shown my face. I`m not an anonymous ASMR artist. I like it that way. I want you to see me, and I want you to get to know me in some kind of way. I also feel it`s more easy for me to feel a connection with other ASMR artist, when I can see them, and hear their voice.

But but but but

I haven`t experienced a lot of ASMR lately. This because I haven`t had the time to watch many videos. I`m so busy making ASMR for you guys. But when I have found the time to sit down and watch something, lately I have gotten extreme tingles from only seeing the hands making sounds from objects, and it is a wonderful feeling. So what I want to try to do for maybe a week, or maybe add more into my ASMR videos, is doing more videos that only show my hands. This because I think it can create great tingles for many of you, if you can concentrate on the hands without getting distracted by my face.  

So yeah. I`m looking forward to that. 

I appreciate you fluffy`s. I`m having my dream job now, doing youtube. Thank you!

Soon my 30 days challenge wearing no makeup (foundation, blush, powder) is over. I will do an update on that and give you all the details about how i feel about that, and what my future plan is. Also. I have only washed my hair with cold water. 


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