Never ask for something that should be offered

My Thoughts About Collaborations

Lately I have received some requests from youtubers that want to collab with me, and I just want to share my thoughts and feelings around this subject.

So what is collaboration? 
It is youtubers/channels coming together, making videos, featuring each other in their videos. It is basically advertising for each other to gain more subscribers, and that is a great tool to have.

Personally collaborations is not really my thing, and not something I`m interested in. 

When people contact me and I have never heard about them before, and they have a lot less subscribers than me, or have recently started their channel, it makes me uncomfortable.
If you ask someone with a lot bigger audience to collab, you will probably be the only one gaining something from it, and that is not right. That would be using another person. That does not mean I`m a bad person, but I don`t think kindness should be requested just like that. I`m kind if I want to, but that does not mean I should do kindhearted gesture to strangers that wants it from me. I should do it because I want to, and not because I have to. 

If a youtuber with a much higher amount of subscribers than me asked me if I wanted to collab, I would consider it, but if I were interested in finding someone to collab with myself, I would ask someone I have subscribed to (that I`m a fan of) regardless of the amount of subscribers, someone with a smaller amount or around the same amount of subscribers as me.

Just something to think about when you really want to succeed in life, which I truly wish up on everyone. Find a way to succeed on your own, and don`t ask someone to give you something when you are not able to give anything in return. It must be some balance there, at least if you are the one that is asking for help. If someone wants to help you that is of course a totally different situation, and you can accept with gratitude, but but but ... Never ask for something that should be offered.





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