40.000 Fluffy Teddy Bears

One Fluffy Teddy Bear. This is my best friend Tommy, and he has decided that his bed is in the bathroom sink. This is his most adorable position so far(in the sink tho).  <3

So hello My Dear and Fluffy Teddy Bears out there. 

It`s time for an subscription appreciation, and it will be in my next eating video, that I recorded yesterday. But I want to write some words on my blog as well. I`m just so happy that I now have reached forty thousands of Fluffy Teddy Bears. Oh My Gosh. It`s like over the top crazy. 40.000 cute and fluffy teddy bears have subscribed to my channel because they like to watch my videos. You are probably one of them. Cute and adorable fluffy.
I`m just so grateful and thankful, and just very happy about this. It`s so funny, because when I was under thousends subscribers every hundred new subscribers was a big mile stone for me, and when I arrived at thousand I was so proud of myself. When I arrived at two thousand I was like so extremely overwhelmed. When I arrived at five I was so so happy. And when I arrived at ten thousand I had arrived, and reached a point I could not see myself arriving for a very long time. I`m looking so much forward to gain my hundred thousand of Fluff`s. If it will happen or not we will never quite know for sure tho. It`s important to have goals at least, even if you manage to get there or not. The most important thing for me is to just enjoy myself on this journey and make videos. If you truly love what your`re doing it`s so easy to be patient, and just focus on creating and having a good time while gradually growing. 

Thank you so much for supporting me, and thank you so much for watching my videos. I would not have gotten to this point if it was not for every single of you Fluffy`s pushing that subscription button. 

Thank You! I appreciate you!




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