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I recently watched this video and I think it contains a lot of important information. I feel I got more insight now about the dairy industry than I did before, and I believe it`s easier for me to quit it completely. I really want to quit, so I hope I manage and don`t forget my strong feelings about this or get affected by others, because I really don`t want to. Luckily me and hubby have the same view.  At home I have stopped completely buying dairy products, but I want to start saying no to this when I`m out as well.  I just don`t want to make my body sick or support the torture of this animals. The video below made me cry in the end. It was so awful, but at the same time it`s so important with information and to share it. 

Long Story Short

1. Milk contains pus. Pus is the white and yellow thing you have in your pimples and infections. 

2. Milk contains hormons, not only the hormons and medicine the farmer gives the cow with a syringe, but the cow produces also natural hormones that a human nursing mother has in her breast milk. The human body doesn't know what to do with this hormons so it get sick. It can cause a lot of issues with the body. Skin problems, cancer, overweight etc...  Dairy milk is not healthy for the human body, and there is so many other great options on the market, like rice milk, coconut milk, soy milk etc. 

3. Animal cruelty at its worst alongside with a lot of other disgusting animal cruelty in the world.



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