When is a product sponsored?

When is a product sponsored?
What about tax?


Hello My Fluffy Teddy Bears

I have noticed that several youtubers claim that the product is not sponsored in their description, even if they get free products sent to them to promote on their channel. I got really confused about this and the rules, so I sent an email to the Norwegian IRS and the consumer Agency to ask them. This because I have been reading bloggers for years, and I know from what I have read in the past that some did not pay tax and was not aware of the rules, and they suddenly had to pay a lot of tax. Like tax blow which brought this people into a financial crisis! I don`t know about the rules in the world. All I can do is make sure I follow the rules in my own country Norway, and I would also advise you to do the same for your own financial safety. Suddenly there will be a nock on your door, and you will be sure to have everything in order. 

1. So first of all. There is no doubt all free gifts sent to you to promote are sponsored, weather you get paid for it or not, and you have the responsibility to make sure your audience know that the product is sponsored.  

2. Second. In Norway you can earn tax free up to 50.000 NOK, and then you will have to pay tax for all income, including the value of the sponsored gift if the value of the products is above 1000,- NOK from the same employer that year. You must actually write down all your sponsored gifts, and also the value of the gift (value=the price in the store) and write it on your tax return every year. So the free gifts that you receive are not really that free if you earn above the tax-free limit. If you get free gifts sent to you but you don`t want to promote it, but still want to use it, you must pay tax for it. The only way to avoid paying tax is to return the product, or throw it in the garbage.

So yes Fluffy`s. We have a responsibility to the tax authorities, but also the consumers that can be lead into thinking you spent your own money on this product. The consumers should be aware of the fact that the product is sponsored before deciding if they want to buy it or not.




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