For **** sake, I`m not a vegan

I`m starting to get annoyed by the vegan army, and that is exactly the reason i don`t want to be a public vegan. What I label myself in my private life is private.
Just because I prefer most vegan ingredients over other things, does not mean I will always exclude everything, and I will not justify what I choose to feel and do. I`m allowed to eat vegan food even if I`m not vegan. I`m allowed to not want to eat diary even if I`m not vegan. I`m allowed to "promote vegan things" even if I`m not going to go all the way following all the rules.I don`t want rules. I want to do what feels right for me in the moment. I will do what`s feels right for me and my consciousness, and you do what feels right for you. You are welcomed to have your opinion about me, saying I`m fake and a bad human being. Well. It does not help to be vegan if you are judgmental and are after other people pointing fingers. But you can think what you want. In the end of the day I will tell you I just don`t care, and sometimes it`s just a nice feeling to just let go and don`t care. I`m allowed to promote cruelty free products on my channel regardless, and I am allowed to eat vegetarian food and vegan food without having to explain myself.

Remember. Maybe you were a meat eater in the past. At that time when you were a meat eater, how would you like other vegetarians and vegan people to treat and talk to you? I would say with respect, and not to interfere. The only way you should promote a lifestyle is by just doing it yourself. That`s my belief, and my opinion. Things and changes does not just happen over night, and by criticizing you will only push people you love away. What is the point of being nice to animals if you can not be nice to people? People who eat meats are not bad people, ok! I was a meat eater once, and I have always loved animals, and I was not a bad person. All my friends eat meat, and I love them very much. I respect them, and they respect me. 

People. Please, just think about yourself and what you`re doing, and let other people find their own way, take their own time, and let them develop and think in their own pace. The worst thing you can do if you want to change something is to point fingers and judge. It`s just one of those annoying things in life. People don`t want to be around judgmental people that makes you feel bad. Just remember that. If you were born into something there is no guarantee that you will be able to change or even believe it`s right or healthy. Some people may not like the taste of vegetables and fruits. Can you blame them if everything they were fed with was meat and dairy? Just because some are able to change does not mean it`s possible for everybody else. There are just so much! So many reasons. 

I`m just starting to dislike the word vegan, because it seems like there are just so many vegans out there pointing fingers, watching your steps, and I don`t want to be a part of that. So no thank you. I`m not a vegan. I`m a person who just happens to love the taste of vegetable and fruit, happens to have a connection with animals, happens to not want to support the mass production and animal cruelty in a way that feels right for me, happens to not want that unhealthy dairy in my body as far as possible, that want to stay healthy and just do what is right and works for my body and mind. Simple as that. That being said, it does not mean I have this set of rules I must stick by if it does not feel right in a given situation. 

It does not always have to be all or nothing. Labeling yourself can be a scary thing to do. Veganism reminds me of a religion, even if it`s not. All this rules to stay within the frame, and so many options. Let me tell you. I don`t need to stay within the square, and I don`t want to. I just want to do what feels right for me, and not the vegan people.



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