Happy Weekend

Hello my dear and Fluffy Teddy Bears?

How are you?

Oh! That is just great! Just wonderful! Just keep rolling that ball and take care of yourself. :-) You can do it!

Yesterday I just worked on my header for my youtube channel. Both my main channel. which is my asmr channel, and I also popped up a header on my daily life channel so people know my real name, and don`t think my name is dopyen. I believe I will just keep the name dopyen. It has some personal value to me.

So happy weekend you guys! I have decides to learn how to make rice paper bacon, tofu bacon, scrambled "egg" (egg free), and pasta cheese sauce (dairy free). I`m so excited to try this out. There are so many good vegetarian and dairy free recipe online that I can use as a start off point. Then I want to try to make different dressings as well. I want to just find a bunch of dressings, like ten or twenty which I really like the taste off. To me dressings, dip  and sauces are essential to vegetable and salads. The finishing touch! ^^

I wish you a wonderful day!




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