You are welcome to be a fan, but not a stalker

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

I really appreciate my little cozy group of fluffy teddy bear "fans", and your lovely comments It makes me really happy. But sometimes the comments go to far I think. Perverted comments and repeated threats in every single video, or a person not respecting my husband and my marriage by deliberately flirting with me will be blocked from commenting. I think that`s disrespectful both to me and hubby, and I don`t want that kind of attention.

I don`t want anyone to get obsessed with me. And even if I was not married I don`t like flirty, obsequious men. It actually makes me quite upset, and it make me feel unsafe and pretty uncomfortable. Flirty strangers are a bad sign and not appealing to me at all. Never have, never will. 

So that`s about that. 

But other than that, I appreciate you so much my fluffy`s, but I have my limits and boundaries that I think you should know of!


When my little Fluffy Odin was so small and fluffy. <3



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