ASMR at the Opera House of Montpellier

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

This summer the French artist Tal Isaac Hadad contacted me and asked if I wanted to participate in a video screening programme at the Opera House of Montpellier along with other ASMR artists as well, and contribute with an about five minutes long ASMR video, whispering lyrics from William Shakespeare "If Love Is a Sweet Passion. I think this was a really fun challenge and also really nice to be part of, so I decided to say yes despite my anxiety, and just try my best. You don`t get asked to be a part of an opera project every day, and most likely never, so to me it was a big thing. I was not even sure it was real or if there were someone out there fooling around with me. 

I haven`t seen myself, how it turned out in the opera setting, but If get sent some material I will share it with you on my blog. I will also maybe share the video I made on my youtube channel later as well, if you want to see it? I rehearsed the lyrics for weeks, and of course I had to have the biggest pimple on my chin the recording day. But you know, that`s natural. Everyone have pimples in their face from time to time, or what? :) 

The exhibition will last until 20th of November, so if you are in France, and nearby Montepellier maybe you want to pop in for some ASMR, and you will hopefully see me there as well (on the screen tho). From what I have heard the exhibition will also maybe go out of France as well. The central theme is "the voice" in every aspects: healing, curing, magical.

I have wanted to share this with you for some time now, but I thought it was best to wait until I knew for sure it would happen, and now it is actually happening.

I did not notice before right now, but I`m actually in this picture Tal sent me, to the left. 

Have a nice day or night Fluffy`s!




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