New beginnings - Keep them coming

I`m done with the system
I`m done being used
I`m done letting myself hurt me
I`m done giving up


I`m Finding my way
And It`s now or never
I`m still alive
And It keeps getting better

Stick up for myself
Stick up for yourself
Never believe anyone will understand or care what you`re feeling
Never believe anyone but yourself

Get the help that you need from yourself
The society is fucked and corrupt


I`m calling for you
But you`re not there
Never was
Never will


When I stare at their faces 
They don`t understand a shit
Like, what the fuck am I doing here?
Like, what the fuck am I thinking?
I have my pride, and it`s time to wear it
Before I abandoned it in the toilet drain
But maybe it should be there because pride is not necessarily a good thing


Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

I`m in that place again where I just need to write poems. Good or bad, does not matter. Understand it or not. Rather not. Get it out.

Feelings & thoughts
Get it out
Anger & pain
Get it out
Hurt & forgiveness
Get it out
Live or die
Get it out
Hate & Love
Get it out

Cry me a river
Raindrops & tapwater

When you find yourself at the point where you thinking
"O gosh, I can`t stand anyone or anything anymore (almost)"
​Just thinking "world just leave me the fuck alone")

I`m so bored
And everything is so borring
Where is the fun?
Where is the sun?


Yes I`m done
That`s right
Done with that
And done with that
And done with that
But not done with that
There is a lot of this and that
And now I talking about that, that and that

October and November must be the most difficult months to handle for me. It`s like I`m changing inside for the worst. I`ts like this dark clouds get into my head, and my hormons are all over the place. I don`t know. I`m just not in the most happy place right now. 

I`m like a bear
I need to sleep myself trough the winter
All my wrinkles are gone when I wake up
Haven`t smiled for a long time
I`m tired
And exhausted
I hope for December to be better

Dont`t you worry fluffy`s. I don`t want to abandon you and my Fluffy youtube world where you happen to live, so there will be at least one video up every week, hopefully more.

I sat up to 6.30 this morning working/playing on a projected related to my ASMR channel. I work best in the night with creative projects. When I went to design school I could sit up for days without sleep. When I had my exam I sat up for three days without any sleep. Then I fell a sleep and did not wake up to the alarm clock. When I woke up I was hysterical because I thought maybe I would fail the exam because I did not show up at school to correct time. But it worked out. 

Ok ok ok. 

Enough talk!

Figuring things out
It`s nice to figure things out

I appreciate ya Fluff`s. Thank you for sticking around. It means so much to me. It`s the only thing I truly got for myself. 

When it`s all dark
When it has been dark for a long time
When the sun suddenly start to come up again
There will always be light in a place full of dark
And there will always be darkness in a place full og light
Sometimes dark
Sometimes bright
Somtimes shady

You never...
You never...
You never...

It`s so nice that you are a Fluffy Teddy Bear with Fluffy Teddy Fur, and you live in my Fluffy Teddy Bear world. I`m so happy that I found you Flufs! Just don`t stop being so Fluffy!  


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