Partner Networks Are Stealing Your Money

YUP! That`s exactly what I believe!

Hello My Fluffy Teddy Bears

I`m starting to get so annoyed on these partner networks that have been contacting me from 100 subscribers. To me they are like bloodsuckers, and I don`t want anything to do with them.

I`m quite sure this networks are earning money on people without really doing anything you can`t do yourself. They say you will earn more money. It`s bullshit! They say they will get you more wives. That`s bullshit! They say they will get you more subscribers, that`s bullshit! If you are a youtuber all this you should be able and want to do for yourself. 

1. If you make interesting and great content, the subscribers will come. 

2. If you have great content you will get more and more views, you just need to be patient and mainly do it for fun in the beginning, because it makes you happy.  

I don`t think anyone really needs a network. The only network I got is youtube of course and google adsense, and that is also the only one that I need

And below is a video where a person explains this it in a good way I think. 

Just needed to blow out some steam, because I know there are sneaky bloodsuckers with dollar signs in their eyes and contracts out there, looking for ways to tie me up and drain me for money, freedom and motivation, and if that happened I would not find joy in creating ASMR videos anymore. The most important thing to me are freedom, and there is now way someone can try to lure me with more money and views. Just no way!

Fluff`s. Just be careful with those partner networks out there, ok! The whole point doing youtube is to be creative and learn everything there is to learn about recording, editing, settings, adds, sponsorships, copyright etc yourself. You don`t need a partner network to do those things for you. DIY!


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