50K Fluffy Teddy Bears

Hello Fluffy`s! 

I have now reached 50.000 Fluffy Teddy Bears, and I just want to thank you som much for watching my sometimes quite goofy videos. You know... nobody have to watch my entertainment if they don`t want to, so I`m so thankful you choose to do it on your own.

My ASMR mood, or my ASMR entertainment is part of my personality, but it`s a part I usually keep to myself. I`m not like this all the time. When I`m around other people I`m often calm, sometimes quiet, trying to make other people comfortable. For instance, I`m not eating a carrot into another peoples ears off camera. ^^ Usually I prefer to listen to others and not talk that much about myself. But If I`m in the right mood and with the right person or people I can talk a lot, like mouth diarrhea. And when I`m comfortable I can make jokes and be goofy. But I`m not like in my ASMR videos all the time, and mostly not. At least not around strangers.
My ASMR videos are entertainment, keep that in mind. It`s the creative part of me that I need to get out, and not all that I am. 

I appreciate you so much and your support my Fluffy Teddy Bears. Thank you! 



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