How To Be A Youtuber

How To Be A Youtuber?

Everyone can be a youtuber, but now I`m going to talk write about how to make youtube your full time job and your business. And what makes me want to talk about this? Well... It`s because I`m on this journey myself making youtube a living while doing what I love to do. I`m not there yet, but I`m on my way, and I think I have come pretty far from where I started.

Do you want to be a youtuber? Why? 
Do you want to know how it has been for me to this point in my youtube experience? I`m still a pretty small youtuber considering bigger youtubers, but bigger than I was at 3K Fluffy`s, and I think I have gotten some experience this year. And what is really a big youtuber? It`s probably individual and depends on what and who you compare yourself with.

My work station this year. 

The Youtube Thing
It`s the whole process behind the scene. From an idea, to setup, equipments and lightning, to editing, making a good headline, tags to get the best paid add and description for the search engine. It`s about answering, reading emails, comments, and figure out how you want to relate to your fans, the internet trolls, treats, love and hate. It`s about setting yourself boundaries and goals, stick to a schedule and uploading videos frequently to please and treat your audience with respect and grow your channel. And the most important thing out of everything is to be true to yourself and your interests and personality, and enjoy the ride because it makes you happy. I don`t have the perfect answer or the right answer. I have only the right answer to myself. For me it does not work with a daily schedule, but rather a weekly schedule. I know that I can have bad days where I`m not able to do anything, and I also know that I should publish weekly. So when I wake up in the morning and feel good I must make use of that day to the fullest. That`s so great about youtube. You have freedom, but to keep that freedom you must also take some responsebilety. Sometimes you must force yourself to some degree. I also like to be my own boss. I don`t like to be a boss, and I have never really been comfortable with bosses. I don`t know why. Maybe I just never had the right boss to me, or maybe I just don`t fit into the community. I always just felt really nervous and unsure. Also, I don`t like to relate to so many people at once. People told me over and over again that I had to network, and that networking are the most important thing to be successful. Oh, how I hated to be told that, because I`m struggling with social anxiety and the last thing a person with anxiety want to do is meet and talk with a bunch of strangers, or take phone calls. I was happy when I realised networking can be in different ways and not only face to face, or over the phone. I`m kind of networking though my youtube videos, letting you get to know me through the screen. I like it that way and it feels safe. Off course I hope to expand my comfort zone with time, but enough said about that.
Also I like that everything are so simple compared to having another business. It`s not many aspects to take care of. 1. It`s youtube, 2. google adsense and 3. make sure you pay tax. Other than that you can do some sponsorships and sell something beside If you have the capacity. But the main income will be from adds. At least in my case. So mainly three things to take care of, if you look away from all the work you will have to put in to make it all happen. 

Everything is individual and should be. When you start to trust yourself and not listen to everybody else that`s when the beauty begins. 

So Fluffy`s. Today I made an ASMR Whisper "How To Do Youtube" video, where I just talk about my experience, trying to give you some advice and inspire. The main ASMR trigger for that video will be whispering, and maybe you will fall a sleep while I`m talking.
I don`t have the right answer for you. I want you to find the answer within yourself. I`m just talking, and maybe you`ll understand what I`m talking about or not. It may even be confusing for you because I`m not prepared for a speech. But hopefully you will find it relaxing, tingling and maybe inspiring. But before that video I`m going to publish another video, and that will be a surprise. I`m working on that as we speak.

Stay tuned!

Me and Odin. 


1. Be true to yourself and make sure you love what your`re doing. It`s ok to try and fail. 

2. Grow your channel and be patient before thinking to much about money. It`s ok to have dreams and goals, but focus on the most important thing in the beginning, which is your creations. If you make content people want, and content you love to create, your channel will grow eventually, and suddenly you will be able to make it a job. Remember you are going to this every week for maybe your entire life. Then It`s important that you love what you`re doing. And that goes for people that hate their jobs. If you hate your job, don`t give up and think you can`t find anything that might work better for you.

4. Create content regularly. Minimum one video per week, but preferably two or more every week to keep the connection to your audience. 

5. Quality on the video, light and sound

6. Don`t spam people. Spend your time creating videos instead of begging people to follow you. 

Well well. That`s what have worked for me when I started my youtube channel "Solfrid ASMR" and decided to go all in, and I hope I could be of some help. :)


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