A trip Through My Trash Can | 2016 Empties Cosmetic

Hello My Fluffy Teddy Bears

In this video I`m taking you through my trash can with cosmetic products that I have saved up for this occasion, and most of them I have used up and will never use again because of my interests for natural ingredients and cruelty free products. But just because I have an interest does not mean I will exclude everything always if I don`t find a better, or as good alternative or solution when it comes to certain things. And sometimes I don`t have the capacity searching the globe for an alternative. Something is better than nothing. 
I don`t wish to be perfect, because I`m not, and I will never be, because perfect does not exist in my world, and to just accept that is a good feeling. That`s just my personal opinion and where I`m at this point in my life.
What I really don`t wish to become is fanatic. That would not make me happy, and would also just push people away. 

I hope you like this video and find it relaxing.


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