My Beautiful Odin

This is so wrong
I miss him all the time
He should have been here with me now, but he is gone, dead, and he will never come back to me.

He wasn`t just a cat. He was my baby. A person. He made me a better person, he made me smile everyday, even if I was sad. 
Odin, I`m so sorry I couldn't protect you from the traffic outside our home. I wish I could have done something differently. Kept you inside after dark or something... You were such a happy and curious cat, and one of a kind. 
I want you back so bad, but you will never be back. But I will keep you in my heart forever.
Thank you for letting me get to know you.
Thank you for showing me confidence. 
Thank you for all your hugs and all your kindness.
You should have grown old, but you became just six months. We all miss you so much every second.  

My baby cat Odin died in a tragic car accident Thursday night/Friday morning. My husband found him in the street, and it was an awful sight. The last time I saw him was Thursday evening. He was in a playful mood and full of energy, and I lifted him up in my arms and gave him a big hug and a kiss. I`m so happy I did that. 
We found Odin late june in our garden. His mother, who was a homeless cat had left him, and he was crying for help. To me he was like a gift sent from "heaven" or a "place" out of reach, and now "they" "it" have taken him back where he came from. 

I miss you so much it hurts like crazy. Mamsen sin lille bebsen... <3


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