Merry Christmas Fluffy`s & New Camera Soon

Hello My Fluffy Teddy Bears!!

Christmas time, christmas time, oh dear it`s chritmas time. Soon it`s over, and I haven`t been really thinking much about it. This year I didn`t decorate because our place is still pretty messy because of refurbishment. I don`t wish to be a part of the christmas stress ever, but still I think it`s possible to have a nice and cozy christmas. A few christmas presents here and there ok, but I`m not spending a lot of money, or eating more because of Christmas. It`s not my thing and I don`t see the point.
I wish to be a minimalist. Not the kind of minimalist that doesn`t have things and decorations, but I only want to have what I really need and/or appreciate, and not to many things, or unnecessary things that I will never use, that will get lost in a closet. I`m still working on that. I don`t want things to control me or define my value and how much I`m worth in this world. 
What I like about christmas is the cozy decorations that brightens up the dark time. Especially a christmas tree. But this year we had a playful kitten in our house, Odin, and I thought it was best to wait until next year.

I`m planning on buying myself a new camera soon, and I`m so looking forward to that, and you can be excited to if you want to, because it`s for my youtube channel, to improve the quality of my videos. 
I have been pretty upset with the autofocus on my dear Canon Eos M many times. Don`t get me wrong. It`s a great camera in many ways I think, and it has gotten me far. But I want the best quality, and I really miss a viewfinder when I`m not showing my face, so I can easily have more control over the image, to make sure it`s clear, and an autofocus that reacts instantly and is more stable. I have been researching cameras lately, and I believe I have found one that will do the job. It`s pretty pricy tho, but I hope it`s worth it. I will still use my canon eos M as a vlogging camera and if I want to record an ASMR video from different angles, with two cameras at once. Looking so much forward.

I want to thank you all for this year 2016. Thank you for all your views, thumbs up, support and comments. I appreciate it so much! THANK YOU! I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!


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