Unboxing Canon EOS 70D + Sigma Lens

Hello My Fluffy Teddy Bears

I was so disappointed when I sat down to record and ASMR video on my new camera yesterday, because the lens makes A LOT of noise. Why did I not think about that?! The lens is great, and it takes good quality pictures, but I can not use it for recording videos for sure. So right now I`m trying to figure out with the online store Komplett if I will have to return the lens, or if they can give me a discount on another lens that will be perfect, the Canon 18-135 STM, so I can keep them both. If I don`t get a pretty good discount I will have to return the Sigma lens, and actually maybe the camera house as well. The Sigma was anyway much more expensive then this other one, so I will just have to wait and see if they want to make a deal or not. I figured out another store Elkjøp sells the same camera including a perfect lens, the Canon 18-55 STM, for only 500,- kr more then what I paid for ONLY the camera house. Maybe I will have to return both the camera and lens, and just then buy the camera with lens at Elkjøp and save a lot of money.  
I just really dislike returning things I buy because I kind of feel there are so much fuss about it. But I will just have to go through with it if I have to.


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