Soon Very Soon

Hello My Fluffy Teddy Bears

I haven`t forgotten about you, and I`m here to do my duty, make ASMR videos 4 you guys. ;)

Next up is  "My Accessories Collection Part 2", where I take you through my earrings, while whispering, tapping and making some relaxing sounds. I will show you one of my necklaces as well. 

What`s so nice with ASMR, is that I can make videos even on days like this, when I`m just so tired, and not in the best shape and mood to show my face at all.

This will be my first ASMR video with my new camera, and I still need to get used to it, and find out which settings works best. But I´m really happy about the quality.

Stay tuned!


My uncle`s music. =)

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