ASMR Tapping The Microphone and life update

Hello My Fluffy Teddy Bears

Long time no see, or something like that. Good evening or good night in my case. It`s time for bed, but first some blogging. 

Today I made an "ASMR no talking" video, and I tried to make the same video yesterday as well, but I`m still trying to figure out the autofocus. It`s sometimes good, and sometimes bad. It wasn't perfect today either, but but... I will learn along the way and try to not be to hard on myself. If I only want perfect results the result will end up in me not making videos at all, and that we can not have. That`s an important lesson. Everything doesn't have to be perfect. I must admit I made this video twice today as well, but I wasn't happy with the second result, so I ended up with the first. I think maybe manual focus would have been best for todays video.

And yes. I know many of you Fluffy`s miss to see my face. Maybe to feel more connected. But the last couple of weeks I have been struggling with rashes on my chin. Hopefully it will be gone soon. It`s so frustrating and they`re so contagious. Now I just carefully cleanse with apple cider vinegar, and also I have two doubled my doses with the supplement L-lysine, and I`m up in 1500mg a day.
Before I got rash this time I was sloppy with my vitamins. Also, I have been really stressed out, anxious, depressed, tired, insomnia, feeling sick (the flu symptoms), had PMS and been in a really grumpy mood lately. Last week was bad. From what I`ve read stress and menstruation can trigger Shingles. Also caffeine. I really hate this outbreaks, and I hope to keep it away by being a "good girl" taking my supplements, and especially high doses of L-lysine everyday.

I got my first outbreak after an heavy antibiotic cure during an appendicitis when I was in high school. First on my whole body, and then it appeared on my chin later on that year, if I remember correct. To me it looked like a coldsore. After that I didn`t get it in years. I was still a meat eater. I read that L-lysine exist in meat, fish, egg and dairy products, and after I stopped eating fish and egg on a regular basis a few years ago I got this weird outbreaks more frequently, I think....? hm... I have been thinking lately that this could be the reason. Lack of some nutrients, but it might as well have been stress or something else. You also find L-lysine in nuts, sunflower seeds and avocado from what I read yesterday.
I will try to change this shit with supplements first, and cutting down on coffee. I don`t want it to come back. I allready eat sunflower seeds and nuts almost every day for breakfast, and often I eat avocado as well. I will maybe have to add some fish and eggs to my weekly or monthly diet, but first I will se how it goes with the higher dose of L-lysine. Fish and egg isn`t something I`m really craving, at least not at this point. I just love vegetarian, plant based food. 

In 2015 I had a really bad episode that was awful and painful, and I had to visit the doctor, which I hate. Luckily it`s not that bad this time, because I`m careful to not spread it, so it`s only on my chin. Last time my eyelid got affected as well, and I had to use an eye ointment in my eye. Awful. Just awful. I really hate this virus.  

My doctor called it Varicella Zoster if I remember correct. This rash also turned into impetigo. I know, it`s pretty disgusting, and not the nicest thing to talk about.

So yes. Now you know a little bit about my status. I hope to be back with another eating video as soon as this is over, and until then I`m having fun making other types of ASMR, not showing my face. 

I hope you will find my video relaxing and tingling, and until then, take care!

Good night!


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