What Microphones Do You use for Your ASMR videos, and What`s The Difference?

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Lately I have gotten several questions about the microphones I use in my ASMR videos on my youtube channel "Solfrid ASMR", so I think I will answer this once and for all, and if someone are curious enough, they will find this blogpost.
Some of you may want to try to make ASMR videos yourself, so this information might be helpful.
Let`s just say, I`m not an expert on microphones at all, but I`m pretty happy with the choices I have made so far.

Hama Stereo Digital Clip Microphone

The first microphone I bought when I started out was the "Hama Stereo Digital Clip Microphone". It was cheap, but I don`t remember the exact price. I bought it in a Norwegian electronics products store, called Elkjøp. I don`t know if they sell it online. You will just have to google it, and check for yourself. At that point I was also buying my first ASMR camera, the Canon Eos M, and I wanted a microphone that could pick up my whispering voice and other sounds load and clear. This was the cheapest microphone they had, maybe the only one as well, and I thought it looked nice.

I feel that the Hama Stereo Digital Clip Microphone gives a more cold, maybe a little bit hard and dry sound. It definitely pics up the sounds load and clear, and I like to use it for whispering videos, eating sounds, and other videos depending on what experience and feeling I want to give my viewers that day, and what sound I want to focus on in particular. For example, I like to use it for makeup videos, where I want my viewer to really hear the sounds from the brush touching my skin. This microphone allows me to have my hands and head free. This is a great microphone that don`t take much attention, and allows the listener to be really close up. Anyhow, you will have to be aware of the shirt your`re wearing, to make sure it stays in place, and to not get in contact with the fabric to make constant fuzzy sounds. And also that your hair is not in the way.
Sometimes I wish this microphone was completely invisible, or smaller, but for an ASMR video the sound is the most important I think, and it doesn't`t really bother me. It`s a great microphone that has helped me out a lot, and many of my Fluffy Teddy Bears has appreciated.

3Dio Free Space Binaural Microphone

My youtube channel was growing, and creating ASMR videos made me really happy. I knew this was something I would be doing in the long run, so I decided to invest in the "3Dio Free Space Binaural Microphone" that I knew were popular in the ASMR community. This microphone is binaural, meaning you can give your viewer a more real and intense experience close up, if they have headphones on. It`s two microphones. One for the right ear, and one for the left. I bought it online, at the 3Dio official website, and it`s expensive, but worth the money.


I feel that the 3Dio Free Space Binaural Microphone gives a more warm, wet and soft sound, and it allows you to give your viewer the feeling of almost being touched or physically whispered to. The microphone picks up the sounds exactly like they are in reality, which can give a great, and almost "real life" experience. I like to use this microphone when I want a more warm, soft and steady sound, or to be close up, doing some ear to ear relaxation, weather it be whispering, eating, ear massage etc. making it binaural and more real.

Both the microphones are great, and what`s best depends om the listener. Some prefer the clip on microphone, and some the 3Dio. I prefer and need them both. 

I have another microphone as well, It`s a zoom stereo microphone recorder. I haven`t used it yet, but for the future, if I want to be in completely control over the sounds, and have headphones on while recording, this might be a good option. That being said, I dont like the thought of having headphones on while being in front of the camera, having "eye contact". This because I feel it can create a distance between the viewer and the artist, and be a distraction and also in the way.  

Thank you!


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