Youtube FAIL

Those times you are so happy about finishing your ASMR videos, sitting down to edit, and DAMMIT!!



1. Forget to turn the camera on record. Hm....

2. When you`re not choosing the right autofocus... Hm...

3. When you forget to turn on the microphone, or don`t stick the cable completely in... Hm...

4. When you forget to go back to autofocus from manual focus, recording on manual and everything turns up pretty blurry....

5. When there are dust or hair laying around, or any other disturbing elements that should not be in the setting. 

6. When you forget to turn on the timer, and the camera stops recording in the middle of the session without you noticing.


It`s much to think of, and today was one of those days. I had an awesome day recording ASMR videos for you guys, and guess what. I forgot to turn back to autofocus from manual focus from last recording session. I will still publish these videos, but I will be sorry for the bad quality, but I hope it will relax you anyway, and give you some kind of comfort. Maybe think of it as Lo Fi. 

You only do this mistakes one time, or maybe a couple, before you learn to double check. Maybe I should make a list to go through before I start the recording. Puh...

Have a nice day Fluffy`s



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