Relieve Stress With Herbal Tea

Hello My Fluffy Teddy Bears and happy week!
Let`s try to sleep.

I`m all into herbal teas right now, trying to quit coffee and black teas on a daily basis. When I listen to my body with carful attention, I can see and feel drastic changes real quick on my skin, stress level and insomnia. Yesterday one hour before bed I drank one cup of chamomile, and I had a pretty good night sleep.  
I also drank lavendel tea throughout the day, which helped me relax a little bit more. It doesn`t taste bad, but it´s not my favorite taste either. But the benefits is what i`m interested in.  

I have been asking myself lately. What is it with my body? Why am I always gasping for air, so extremely stressed out? Then I started thinking about my coffee "addiction". I haven`t looked at it as an addiction because I don`t drink that much, but I got head aches and felt extremely exhausted when I stopped drinking it for one day. Sometimes I just felt that I wanted coffee straight away, and drank more until I felt extremely nauseous. 

I strongly suspect that my coffee makes me stressed out, if I don`t use up that energy by working out or running around all day long. And the stress makes my hormons go crazy and causes inflammation in my stoomach until skin problems and insomnia arises. Pimples, hormonal acne, and even shingles, and maybe coldsores.  

Have you heard about the Chinese face map? It`s a map that tells you what`s wrong with your body by mapping where your outbreaks in your face appears. 

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I just think I have problem with stress where I tend to get more stressed out than normal, or need to be, but that`s life, and I can`t really change how my body reacts to external factors, but I can reduce my stress without feeding my body with more stress. Unhealthy, processed stimulant food and drinks, dehydration and lack of sleep is not the best thing for your body and mind. 

I wish you a beautiful week Fluffy`s, and I hope you find my ASMR video relaxing and tingling. 

Thank you so much for watching. I appreciate it!



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