VITAMIN D. Why Did I Forget You?!

I have been all into supplements lately, thinking about it a lot. One vitamin I forgot this winter that is extremely important to take, especially during wintertime is D vitamins. I should probably take it all year around since I don`t get much sun. This is maybe the answer to why my immune system has been shut down the past month giving me this rashes in my face. I`m not sure of anything though, because I`m not a doctor. Maybe it`s a mixture of D vitamin deficiency, stress and lack of sleep. After I started drinking herbal tea, and green tea my sleep has been so much better. 

I read and I read, and what I have read now is that D vitamin deficiency can really mess up your immune system. 

I picked up this at the post office today, so I`m hoping this will help as well next to my other supplements.



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