Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears!
A dedicated fabric sounds video has been requested for some time now, so I thought it would be fun to make a spring lookbook a la Solfrid, for you guys, showcasing the newest input in my wardrobe. I like to keep it plain and simple for the most time. Black and grey is something that fits my skin tone very well, and something I never get tired off. I do like to wear colors sometimes tho, especially on my nails.
Comfortable clothing is also something that has become more important to me the past years. Wearing tight jeans all day long is not the healthiest thing for the downstairs area. It`s also important to let your flower breath. Don`t get me wrong. I find jeans extremely appealing, cool, tough and sexeyyy, but what I`m trying to say is, there is a time for tight jeans, and then there is a time to take them off.^^ 
I hope you find my video relaxing and tingling and I wish you a happy week!
Oh.. And btw. I`m using my zoom microphone for the very first time in this video for the fabric sounds, and the 3Dio for the try on. 

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