Let`s taste and sniff some candy and snack

Hello my dear and Fluffy Teddy Bears

I`m publishing this video with a bittersweet tongue. I mean, there is nothing wrong with the box other than I didn`t get what I requested, which was vegan, plant based snack. The person that contacted me was really nice in the emails, and I`m sure his intention was to bring me some vegan options, but I don`t think he was the one preparing the box for me, and I guess they don`t have routines and knowledge enough on the vegan subject to make it vegan. Maybe they don`t even have the products. I was disappointed to be honest, and I could have canceled the whole video if I wanted to, but I decided to go thrugh with it anyway. I spent so much time preparing myself to record, so it would be such a bummer to not post it. This box was sent to me for free for a review without compensation, and I do appreciate the gesture. For the future I will only consider vegan or plant based company`s when it comes to food reviews on my channel, because I don`t feel good promoting animal based food for my viewers.

And no, I`m not vegan, because vegan is so much more than just food. I`m for example not against wool when it comes to animals I know were treated in a good way, and are happy. I will try to be more aware of the wool in the future, but it`s not always easy. For instance I`m following a couple that have this beautiful alpacas, and I can tell that they are happy animals. You can visit their instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/lillealpakka/?hl=en , and yes, I know there are animal cruelty out there when it comes to wool industry as well, but not everywhere. 

My husband grew up on a sheep farm as well, and their sheep became so happy to get rid of all the hot wool in the summer. I`m also not against eating some egg based products now and then if I can not find other good alternatives. I don`t mind eating honey from time to time, but I mostly avail myself of other options. I have leather seats in my car, but the car is second hand, and also our couch. If I were to buy a new car I would consider other options, and for the couch, if I were to buy a new couch I would hope there would be some faux leather options. With animals in my house fabric couch is not an option, because of all the hair and sometimes spew. Tried that, done that. Did not work well at all. 
And I believe some vegans are against having pets...? Not sure tho... But if that`s true I can tell you that is something I will never ever agree on! Animals and human beings can definitely live happy together in harmony, and remember human beings are animals to.
Animals and having pets is something that makes me so happy in life, and taking that away from me would be like taking my life. Also, some of my shoes and bags are made from leather, but I will try to stay away from leather bags for the future if I were to buy something new, but for warm quality shoes I will go for the best option, and hopefully there will be some great vegan options if I need new shoes. But I will not throw away the once that I already have. Good quality and design is important to me when it comes to shoes. In the winter time warm durable shoes is extremely important as well, and I don`t know if faux leather can ever compete with leather when it come to that?

In my daily life I only eat vegan, that`s a huge contribution. I never eat meat and I have decided to not eat fish anymore either, unless me an hubby is living, or hiking in the nature for several days or weeks and kill the fish ourselves. This is something me an hubby have been talking about. If we want to eat an animal, we must also be able to kill it ourselves, and stand for what we do. Fish would be the best and only option for food in Norwegian nature, if you look away from other animals and seasonal berries.
The world is not that bad tho. If it wasn`t for export there would probably be a lot harder to be vegan in my country. 

I wish there would be some vegan pizzas in the grocery store for days I`m sick or don`t have the energy to make food, because they have vegetarian pizza with cheese, but not vegan. So therefor I sometimes find myself eating pizza with cheese, and it makes me feel a little bit bad, because I know how harmful it is to my body, and also the thought of the cruelty starts lurking in the back of my mind.
My favorite potato chips is also with cheese and onion flavor, and I really wish they could make some vegan options as well. What I can say is that I really wish to be able to quit dairy products completely, and that`s something I`m really working on, but I`m not sure it will happen, because I find it really hard and difficult. 

So yeah. Maybe I`m a vegan in your eyes, and maybe not. It doesn't really matter to me with the label. At the end of the day I`m doing what feels right for my body and mind, and I`m always striving to feel more, be more conscious, not judge, know more, educate myself, and be the best version of myself. But I will never be perfect, because such a thing doesn't really exist, and it is not a goal of mine either. 

Well well well. Enough said about that.  

I hope you like my video and find it relaxing and tingling. I wish you a beautiful day or night, and take care.

Thank you so much for watching!


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