What you see is what you get

Hello Fluffy`s and happy weekend. I hope you all are doing fine!

What you see is what you get. That`s right.
I don`t want to label myself as anything. Not vegan, not vegetarian, not religious or anything. What I label myself in my private life is private, but for my public life I don`t want to call myself anything, and then get judged for it if I don`t do it "the right" way by the book or make exceptions.
You can make good choices without having to exclude everything that might not be the best or kindest option. It`s also ok to not care if you don`t care. Sometimes in life I just don`t care about something. I`m sure we all have been there at some point. There is no point to make life a struggle and hold so tight onto once believes that is can ruin something good. Something good can easily become something negative if it goes to far. 

I don`t like rules, I don`t like people telling me what to think, what to feel or what to do. I like freedom, and room to just be myself and do what feels right for me. Everything that suffocates is not healthy. It`s important to do it because you want to, and not because you have to.

If I do something good, like a good deed, it`s in the end for me, because it makes me feel good and happy. Also, we all are on our own journey, and it`s important to not judge just because we have arrived to a point where others might be arriving in the future, or never. It`s important to accept different point of views and peoples jurneys.

Just because I do something that makes me feel good, doesn't mean I need to exclude everything that is "bad", which may not be bad....?  
What`s right and whats wrong is individual, but there are off course exception. Something in life is just so so wrong no matter how you twist and turn it, but that`s not the topic and not the point of this blogpost.

I just feel that whenever I mention the word "vegan" I get attacked or praised, and both makes me uncomfortable, and makes me get mixed feelings about that specific word. If I get praised I feel expectations and pressure, and if I get attacked I also feel expectations, disappointment, and anger towards me. Well... I try to not care tho, because I know those feelings has nothing to do with me, but with themselves, and their own struggles in life. 

So yeah... What you see is what you get. My life is a journey, and it might change along the way. My youtube channel is for relaxation purposes, but it`s also nice to share my personality and interests with you as well, and be able to talk about what interests me then and there.

I don`t want to try to be perfect, because that seems so exhausting and not necessary. But I do have a heart, and I do feel a lot. We all have to take responsibility for our own actions in life, and I think the most important thing is to look at ourselves and try our best to not engage to much of our energy into how other people choose to live their life, because at the end of the day there is not much you can do about it anyway, other than just get grey hair. The best way to change something is by Just Do It Yourself.

There is no point in labels. What you see is what you get. We don`t have to be exactly the same. 

Different stories
Different experiences
Different journeys

And different speed
Makes different views
Makes different truth
Makes different choices

And different feelings

Love yourself, and if you don`t find a way!

Happy weekend my sweet and fluffy teddybears and sweet dreams or shine bright.



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