Let me read you to sleep

Hello Fluffy`s and happy week.

Can you see my new plant? It will be a part of my asmr videos from time to time, and I love it so much. The name is Ficus Benjamina Midnight Beauty, and it will go into my studio. It is amazing how plants changes the atmosphere and creates such a good and happy energy. I love plants, and gardening is such a wonderful and giving hobby. I recently planted my first tomato and basil seeds. I`m totally a new beginner when it comes to this topic, but I find it so interesting and funny. I don`t have GREEN hands yet, but I really hope to make them greener by time. I dream about growing my own vegetables, and to be self-sufficient to some degree.
Yesterday I read about companion plants for organic gardening. You know, plants that goes well together and helps each other to avoid pest, insects and diseases. 

I hope you find my video relaxing, and thank you so much for watching. 
Have a wonderful day or night, and sleep tight or shine bright!



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