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Hello my sweet and Fluffy Teddy Bears.

Long time no see. At least it feels a really long time ago. Almost a week since last video. I hope you Fluffy`s are doing fine!
It`s easter and holiday, and we have been working a lot in our garden preparing and planning for our Back To Eden vegetables garden. It`s a lot to think about, and much to do and learn along the way. We have cats in our neighborhood, not to speak of our own cats as well. They love to use flowerbeds as toilets. And then we also have roe deer. I love them, but I don`t want them to eat up my future vegetables.

I recorded this video three times yesterday. Can you believe it!? First try the sound became to loud and noisy. I`m still getting to know my zoom microphone. Second time I decided to record the sound into the recorder, instead of into my camera. I thought I recorded the sound, but I did not. Third time was ok. The sound is a little bit to low, but at least you can take the volume up, and it`s not noisy. I will try to make it a little bit higher next time. So when I finished recording I started testing the recorder and all the levels, which I probably should have done before. But but..... 
This was the first time I recorded with headphones on, to have more control. I hope you like it and find it relaxing and tingling.

Back to Eden Vegetables Garden. Ever heard about the method? I`m so excited about it. If you want to know more you can watch the documentary down below. 

Thank you so much for watching!



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