7 Days Water Fast Diary Intro

Did I manage to go through with it? Follow my water fast journey and see how far I got. 

Hello Fluffy`s.

This waterfast "thing" is something I had back in my mind for years after liferegenerator`s youtubevideos. When I first was introduced for it I was like "no way I could do it!". But then it just happened...Kind of... I can sometimes be extremely spontaneous when it comes to certain things in life.  
My husband watched a youtube video of a boy waterfasting for 28 days, and I was just like. "I`m gonna do that as well!!", just not like 28 days. And... then... I just woke up and decided to go through with it. I think I just got so inspired by all the benefits from water fasting. Yes I know. Maybe a little bit crazy of moi, but that what happened really. You can watch the youtube video of the boy water fasting here.

I do not recommend you water wasting tho, because I`m not in a possession where I can do so. You should definitely do some really good research and consult a doctor if you ever considering doing it. Underage people should not do it at all. Water fasting can actually be really dangerous and life threatening.

If you want to know what happened during my water fast, and my feelings about it StAy TuNeD.

I wish you a beautiful Sunday, and thank you for watching!



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