There Must Be Room To Have Bad Days

Yes. That`s right. There must be room to have bad days, and there must be room to be myself. 

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

I noticed that many people was really disappointed from my last eating sounds video. Not enough whispering, not enough slurping, not enough eating sounds really... Well. There will always be some people disappointed in one way or another. I have gotten used to that. There are alway people complaining, which is fine. I can not please everybody, and the person I should please first, is me, myself, and I. Some people want me to eat with my mouth closed, and some open. I just eat the way I feel like, because disappointments will be on it`s way no matter what. That`s the wonderful thing about YouTube. Growing some thick skin and ignore the negativity.

When that is said I still want to comment on this topic, and maybe share some personal thoughts for you to think about. You are right. I`m a little bit different in my last eating sounds video, It might have to do with me water fasting last week, and me learning the importance of chewing my food properly. Of course I can chew with my mouth open as well, but that will just depend on my mood and what I feel like. I think it`s nice to eat with my mouth closed as well from time to time during my videos. Also, I`m learning to enjoy my food more, eating more slow. 
I`m not in a good mood these days. So far this have been a struggling week for me, and when I`m in a bad or sad mood I don`t feel like talking a lot. That does not mean I`m not gonna be here for my viewers and upload on a regular basis. I know the importance of being on my channel frequently, to keep it alive, so no matter what, I will try to always do my job. Sometimes that means I will not talk much, be more quiet, and even eat with my mouth clothes. It`s important that I`m allowing myself to let it be all natural and not forced. But I`m still there for you (on your screen), and that is the most important thing I think. Who knows. Maybe one day I will not be comfortable eating with my mouth open anymore at all. I just need to be myself, and even if I seem different I`m still myself.

Different does not mean we are not ourselves. We are always ourself, for who else could we really be? Sometimes people grow and changes. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. They are still themselves, just not who they used to be to us. Sometimes change can be a positive thing.
We all have different moods. Sometimes we are happy, sad, angry, grumpy, tired, premenstrual, low or high energy, and that reflects our behavior. I can not always be on the top in my videos, with high energy, the biggest smile, and overload of topics to talk about. It`s human, it`s life.

I appreciate you so much. Thanks for reading my words

Have a beautiful day!



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