Thank you so much for your nice and lovely feedback on my youtube channel Solfrid ASMR, your views and for your thumbs up!! It means a lot, and makes me motivated to make regular content for you guys. This ASMR channel is alive because of your interest in me and my videos. Without any interest I would not be able to "stay alive" on this platform and channel. I don`t know how I got to this point that fast, but it feels like I have some, or many secret helpers out there, maybe without them even knowing it themselves... I`m really happy that I can make someone else happy with what I love to do. It feels really good. When I see people defend me in my comment section, or are worried for me in some kind of way, I just feel that you care and that means a lot to me. I`m one lucky girl. Thank you so much and have a beautiful and wonderful day. 🐻 Take care my Fluffy Teddy Bears and THANK YOU! 🐻

Several people have shown concern about my water fasting, which I appreciate. It only means that you care, and I find that sweet. I`m very much interested in health, but that`s something I enjoy and find extremely important. It makes me feel good and gives me a higher purpose in life. Being the best version of myself and feeding my body with what nature intended for me is a hobby, an interest and also a lifestyle. I know when to stop, and I`m not in danger. I eat when I`m hungry, and I eat till I`m comfortable full. I`m not into starvation, and water fasting was not starvation for me, but to get more connected to my body both mentally and physically, find out if being blown up was over access fat or if it was just being blown up from food. I don`t see anything wrong in not wanting to have over access fat, because it is not healthy, and it does not make me feel good when I look in the mirror.

I might be more into food and health than what`s normal, but I don`t see anything wrong with that. If I was not a youtuber and did not have all the issues that I do have concerning my mental health and somewhat physical energy and strength, I would probably wish to become a professional healthcare plant based nutritionist, hoping to get a job in a hospital or a health care center where I could help and encourage people. This because of my passion for a healthy diet and love for tasty yummy food. If I were not able to do youtube anymore for a living (I would probably do it for a hobby anyway tho) I would hope to find the strength in me to get my study admission in order to study. I did not pass the high school mathematics. It has always been a huge weakness which have bothered me for years. I`m just not able to understand it, and I get pain in my brain and exhausted when I try so hard to understand. When that is said, I`m am excellent with my personal economy and easy calculations. What can I say. I just dislike the subject math. I dislike it because I`m not able to understand it, it does not interest me, I find it borring, and I easy forget the formulas because of that. It`s a shame you need specific grades to be able to study something that does not need advanced calculations. I would always learn myself those calculations that was necessary within my interest field anyway if I had to... Sometimes I just feel so unsuccessful and unfulfilled because of my struggle with math and the lack of the opportunity to study what want to study. I did study fashion design for three years, under a strict frensh regime, but I didn't`t need grades for that because it was a private school, and it was kind of an unpleasant school as well, that did more harm than good. That education was more like a fantasy and not the real me. I did learn a lot from it tho, which I maybe will get use of in the future. Who knows... Well well well. Just some thoughts from me to you... Thanks for reading! 


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