Happy Weekend

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears. New video is now up on my channel, and I hope you will find it relaxing and tingling.

The last week or so I have been dealing with those rashes in my face again. I prefer to not leave my home on days like this, but yesterday I had no choice. My dog has actually been sick lately. Last week there was prologens cough attack, and since he have a heart disease, and it was discovered water in his lungs last year we suspected that the diuretic drugs did not work. He had to take a lot of tests, like x-ray, ultrasound, and blood samples. They found very low levels of potassium, and he did not have water in his lungs which ment we could quit those horrific diuretic drugs immediately. It made me really happy.

He had not been in his best mood the past couple of days, and yesterday we suspected something was really wrong with him because he had pain in certain places, and was really unhappy and upset. I thought he had bloody diarrhea, because it looked like it. First I took him to my regular vet, but they could not help me, so they referred me to another vet far away, and I had to drive into the big city which I really did not want to do. Let`just say I got lost into this labyrinth called sentrum, panicked, had a really awful time. and I did not find the vet, so after about an hour I found my way out and drove home really upset and tired. I never had so many cars honked their horned at me, and so many angry stares. There were people everywhere! I`m happy there were no car accident. The animal hospital was not in down town, but I kind of gave my GPS the "wrong" address ,and ended up in the most chaotic place. I actually gave the GPS the right address, but it was a company that had that address as a name, and I did not see that.

So I came home, and then I discovered something really awful when my dog went to the toilet. He had a big hole next to his butthole A big open wound. It was the anal glands that had opened in the wrong direction. Usually they are turned inwards. So me and hubby went to the vet in the evening Rambo must go on antibiotics and painkillers for one week, and I have to clean his wound twice a day, and put on some antibiotic lotion. I cleaned it yesterday and I actually saw one big hole, and three other small holes. Two of them hidden in his fur. Oh my. It is not a good sight. The doctor hope that this holes will heal themselves, and if not we will have to have a surgery on him which is really dangerous. First, it is difficult to have a surgery in that kind of area, because there is risk of cutting of the sphincter, and second he have a heart disease so his heart might not take the narcosis.

So yes. That`s about that. Just telling myself that everything will turn out fine, because it will! The wounds will heal, and my dog will be completely healthy and fine. 

I wish you a happy weekend, and take care!

Thank you so much for watching!



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