Taking Responsibility For Our Own Feelings

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears 

Today when I woke up I just had so many thoughts in my head about my own feelings and reactions in the past towards different situations. I think it`s an important topic to talk about, and raise awareness around. I imagine many can relate to this as well. Feelings just are. They come and they go, like thoughts. But what you choose to do with them are important and is entirely up to you. Are we gonna let those feelings control us, or are we going to take control over our feelings? I know it can be really difficult feeling controlled and helpless by negative feelings, and it can be easy, and feel natural and right to blame them on others. 

Well well well. I was just so inspired to talk about this with you today. Many of you have requested more whispering from me, so here you have it. A whisper video for almost a whole hour with the clip on. 

I hope you find this video relaxing and tingling, and thank you so much for watching.

Take care!





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