Cauliflower Salad & Pesto Pasta

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears 

New ASMR video is now up on my YouTube channel Solfrid ASMR, and I hope you will enjoy it.
Today I`m eating some pasta next to my salad, but I just read that pasta, bread and rice can cause acne, and I have never labeled myself as a person with acne. That word sounds so strange to me and I don`t really know if I have it or not. But maybe I do have some mild acne going on actually, and lately I have been dealing with breakouts more than usual which I thought was those rashes. It`s just so annoying having a pimple pop up every day.
I`m making a program for myself to try out for three months, to see if it works. A lot has to do with what I put into my mouth, to try to clean my liver, and make it strong, but also I`m testing out different skincare rutines. I will eat less pasta, rice and bread, and have that as a guilty pleasure food now and then. I haven't been regularly moisturizing my skin for a very long time which I think might have been a bad idea, and also I stopped using my CeraVe hydrating cleansing for a very long time, which have the ingredient hyaluronic acid, which I think my skin might need to exfoliate all the dead skin cells and clogged up pores. I use my apple cider vinegar as a toner, but I`m also going to take it internally to see if I can benefit from it. It taste so awful, and it was so difficult to drink today. As a moisturizer I use Raw Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil morning and night. I put on a lot, and then I`m taking it of after five minutes with a dry cotton pad. In the evening and night I let it just be like that, but this morning I went over with a cold, wet wash cloth to take off all the excess oil. I also take the coconut oil internally as well. As a spot treatment I just use my tea tree essential oil which works wonders for my breakouts. 

So yeah! I read that breakouts comes from bacterias, fungus and inflammation from within the body, and if the body are to weak because of a bad diet, it will not be able to transport or regulate the poison the right way, and it will try to escape through the skin. A bad diet also affect hormones. Acne is s sign that something is wrong within the body, but of course you can get breakouts from cosmetic products, and makeup as well. 

I`m also back on my Olive Leaf Extract. I have been back and forth with that since I purchased it because it makes me really sick, which kind of is a good sign, because it means it works. Olive Leaf Extract kills bacteria and fungus, but to me it must have killed to much at the same time. Too much poison released in my body at the same time made me sick, I guess... So I`m going to try to work myself up to one tablet a day over a three months period. Right now I`m taking 1/8 part of one pill, so I will just have to see how that goes. If I could work myself up to that one pill I can maybe then work myself up to two pills in six months. I really want to go on this at least for one year to really se if I can benefit from it. Who knows, maybe I want to use it for the rest of my life. 

And then I`m going to continue to take my L-lysine, zink, b vitamins and D vitamin. 

I would be so glad if I could get control over my skin and just know what works and not. I`m not looking for a short term cure, but a change in my diet, lifestyle and skincare routine to treat my body the best way that I can. The skin tells us what`s going on inside. If we have bad skin that means our body hurts on the inside in some kind of way.

Have a nice day!



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