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Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

New video is now up on my YouTube Channel "Solfrid ASMR" and this time I need to address something that has been bothering me for some time now, and I guess last week was the last drops. 

It all boils down to me needing to keep my focus, and having a comment section with so many opinions, negative energy, projections, harassment, hate and people being obsessed with me in an harmful and scary way. Even just regular feedback takes me away from what I should really be doing. I should record videos, and not spend what little energy I already have on comments. And when I unconsciously gets affected by it, I must do what it takes to create a good and positive working environment for me to produce and give you what you came for in the first place. That`s what I really want, and right now I haven't had much energy to do my very best. And please don`t take me the wrong way. All the supportive comments have ment the world to me, and have motivated me towards where I`m with my channel today. I`m so thankful to you, so THANK YOU SO MUCH!
For a long time I managed to keep a healthy distance... I think... I don`t know what happened. Maybe it just worked on me slowly by slowly until I just had enough without even recognizing it. I have had periods with this since christmas time, and even before that I sometimes became fed up with all the negativity that always was lurking in the background.

I will just take one day at a time, and just figure out what works for me. If I want your feedback I will open up for it at some occasions. The most important thing is my channel and me doing what I love to do and just have the freedom to be myself.

Thanks for understanding. I know you Fluffy`s will. More focus for me, hopefully more videos for you.

Thank you!



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