NARS is no longer cruelty free

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What you might have noticed if you have followed my for some time is that I don`t support animal testing, and even if I might have some cosmetic products that`s been tested on animals I`m getting better and better at doing my research before purchasing products and remember those creatures. Sometimes there`s no cruelty free option and I think it sucks. Like medicine for instance... I don`t support animal testing for medicine either, but what can we really do when nobody with an "intelligent" human brain choose to find another option asap. Where is that intelligent human brain? Does he or she exist? I wish I had one, but I don`t unfortunately. I`m not interested in spending my money on beauty at the expense of innocent souls.

A video caught my attention today that I want to share with you. The cruelty free brand NARS are no longer cruelty free and I find it disturbing. This brand has been lying for their consumers for some time now. 

And for those who don`t really know what animal testing is about should take a look on the videos below. Don`t close your eyes to this disgusting cruelty.
Disrespect for nature

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