Animals are more important than people

Hello My Fluffy Teddy Bears and happy weekend. I hope you all are doing just fine. 

Someone said
"They ask me if I really think that animals and insects life are more important than humans, and I always say yes".
"They: WHY?!?"
" He: Because humans could not live without animals and insects, but animals and insects can live without humans". 

I think this was wonderful said and so true. The world could go on without humans, but not without animals and insects. It would not be possible for our planet to survive without animals and insects so I think we should respect them as we respect ourself.  <3

Just some mindful thoughts from me 2 you. I really hope and wish for a cruelty free world where animal rights is equally important as humans, and for a community where we have easy access to vegan food and products. I do understand that for people feeding themselves only from nature and living in cold climate where there is not possible to be vegetarian the story would have to be different in order to survive, but there`s still possible to have respect and humility for all life. Now most of us are living in a world where there is easy access to fruit and vegetables, greens, nuts, seed, lentils and beans etc... We don`t have to kill in order to put food on the table, and just because we`re not the one pulling the trigger we still kill it when choosing to spend our own money on it. We`re still a murderer. Yes I know it sounds a bit harsh, but when you think about it, it`s the truth. We all have a responsibility. 

I`m really sad that there`s so little vegan or even vegetarian options in Norway, and especially on restaurants and diners by the road. When I was on a road trip just recently I ate cheese on a vegetarian pizza, which I regretted afterwards, and maid me feel sick and guilty because I know how unhealthy it is, but also the cruelty. I was just so crazy hungry. I also was so hungry that I ate half a fish from a diner one day because I was kind of starving to the point where getting food into my belly was the only thought I had in my mind. I also ate an ice-cream from a gas station because I had such sugar cravings. So look at me, I`m definitely not perfect either and fish is something I prefer to not eat, but sometimes it happens because I don`t feel I have any other option, and I get to a point where my blood sugar is so low that I just don`t care right there and then! So yeah. Sometimes I`m a murderer too... Prefer not tho. I`m not proud of myself, but I`m at least honest. Sometimes I just don`t care, or maybe enough. It`s not like I`m planning for it to happen, to not care. It just happens in a moment of.... I don`t know, or maybe I do. It`s like I care less when I`m not doing well with myself. I find it easy to make good choices at home, but sometimes when I`m out traveling I find it difficult to some degree, and it really sucks. Sometimes we have to kill a life in order for it to not destroy ourself. It`s the circle of life. For instance pest or bloodsucking insects. If we don`t kill pest they will kill, or at least destroy our home etc. Like where to draw the line? I guess it`s up to every single one of us, and I also think it`s important to not judge even if we have different opinions and perspective on this issue. Sometimes I just think to much.

I wish you a happy summer!



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