ASMR Whisper Unboxing OSEA skincare

Hello my dear and Fluffy Teddy Bears

I have the honor to future a beautiful skin care brand to you. In this video I will open a package from OSEA Skincare, and as always I hope you will find it relaxing and tingling. 
OSEA is a cruelty free, natural, vegan, non toxic brand with amazing organic ingredients. Their concept and story is really fascinating. 
I will try out some of their products for one month, and then I will get back to you with a proper review on how it worked for my skin. 

I have always been passionate about skincare, beauty and fashion amongst other things, especially skincare as I`m very eager to have the best flawless, natural skin possible. You know... Be the best version of myself. It just make me feel good about myself. I guess I will always get some pimples and breakouts now and then, and it can be a good thing to get a more relaxed relationship to them as well. Some thing we are not totally in control of. At least that`s how it feels sometimes. Perhaps if I just get to know the secret formula. The perfect diet, and the perfect skincare combination. It`s always fun to try, and it`s also so fun to try out new amazing products on the market. We all have different skintypes, and our body works in different kinds of way, so the formula must be discovered by myself. It`s like I`m getting to know my body better as well in this process which feels good. 

I`m going to use a skin cleanser, a toning mist, and a facial cream, and I`m looking so much forward to share my experience with you. The products are more on the pricy side, but there`s so many great things about this brand, so if it works wonders for my skin I think it will be worth the money... if I can afford it of course. It will always depend on my budget and priorities, which varies.

Have a beautiful day or night Fluffy`s.

Thank you so much for watching!


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