Questions regarding MY comment section

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears and aaaaand those who`s not my Fluffy Teddy Bears

I have received a lot of questions, hate and negative feedback because I have disabled the comment section on my videos. Well guys, here`s what. I don`t accept hate and bullying. I do not tolerate harassment and threats. It`s not acceptable what so ever.
The comment section will be closed as long as I feel it`s necessary (most likely forever on my old videos), and for you that telling me I will loose subscribers over it. so what? These are subs that only comes for the comments and hate and not ASMR, peace and relaxation. I would actually be really happy to get rid of them. Call me what you want, and think what you want, but I do not accept hate on my channel, so if you don`t like me, keep it to yourself and move along. I appreciate constructive feedback, but I will never ever tolerate harassment, bullying and stalking. I have my boundaries and you will just have to accept that weather you like it or not. It`s not my problem. What`s my problem is how I want to relate to this situation and what action I must take to protect my boundaries. 

I have decided to keep the comment section open on my latest video for the most time, when I feel I have the extra capacity to read them. I have so many wonderful subscribers that appreciate my youtube videos and are here for the right reason. Subscribers that respect my boundaries, and don`t expect anything more from me. 

And for those who has been rude to me in the past and then comes afterwords and say sorry because you suddenly like my videos. Well that`s ok, I forgive you. But just because you like my videos now does not mean it is ok to be hateful or rude towards someone you don`t like or agree with, no matter what. Just remember that. Do yourself a favor and accept peoples differences. 

This is what I have to say about the comment section, and I will not give it anymore attention. 

I appreciate you my Fluffy Teddy Bears!! SO SO SOOOOOO much. 

Have a nice day!


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