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I love to be a Veggie Bear 
Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears
As you might have noticed I`m a firm believer in Dr. McDougall`s diet advice. I was a huge supporter of this life style even before I read his book, but it was so soooo nice for me to get confirmation from a doctor with so many years experience. His book opened my eyes to supplements, vegetarian meat substitute, fish, and eggs. He also gave me a deeper understanding of dairy products and how harmful it is to the human body, not to mention how good and necessary starches is. At home there is never a problem for me to stay completely plant based. The problem is when I`m out traveling, or want to go out to eat on a restaurant. It`s crazy, but no restaurants I know about close by offer vegan food. Vegetarian yes, but not vegan. It`s a big problem for me wanting to stay a Veggie Bear. 🐻🥕 Maybe I will just have to learn how to always be prepared with food supplies and so on, and always plan in advanced. As a non pregnant women I just did not always care if I sometimes ate vegetarian food dining out on a restaurant, but as a pregnant women it is more important to me than ever before to try to stay completely away from food that contains such ingredients. Will I manage? Only time will show. It feels like I have the whole society against me, and it is not a nice feeling. Why must it be so difficult to be be a plant based eater? Why?!


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