Times Goes By. What`s next?

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

Long time no see. I`m considering creating a new blog on an international platform. This platform is so typically Norwegian, and don`t get me wrong, I`m happy I`m Norwegian, but for my business I just feel there is more in it for me on an international platform. I don`t write in Norwegian simply because I want to reach a bigger audience and truth to be told there are no audience for me here in Norway. Never has, never will. One big advantage of that is that I get to practice my english which is a good thing for me. 

I want to blog more and not only share information about my ASMR channel, even if ASMR is my main focus. I guess that`s what people want from me, and that is also something I enjoy doing. I never had to try really hard to get a growing audience for my ASMR videos, even if I had to have discipline and work regularly and patiently for it to happen. My YT channel never exploded over night like for other YouYubers, but I have managed to come to a point where I`m pretty satisfied and happy with my achievments, even if I`ll always set myself new goals. I guess the main ingredients was "fun". Creating ASMR have been so fun for me. ASMR is something that`s also very popular in the world, so I guess that has something to do with it as well. I`m really thankful and happy I have come this far with my YT channel. I have found my boundaries and interests within the ASMR field. In the beginning I was exploring much more trying out different things. There are things I would never do again.
I want to make a website split in two... kind of... maybe... One for ASMR, and one for my personal interests, the person me behind the ASMR. Where I can share my interest for plant based food amongst other things. 

New video is now up on my Vlog Channel Dopyen. 

There has also been other videos uploaded to my DOPYEN channel. My pregnancy progress, symptoms and belly shoot. If you want to watch my videos you can just pop over to my channel. 


I will have to say I don`t appreciate people complaining about me sharing my pregnancy progress so early on. No one is forcing you to watch. I want to document this progress. This is my very first pregnancy and it means a lot to me. Remember I`m doing it for myself as well to document and create a memory for my child, and I can post whatever I want on my channel. There is also no rule on how early or late I`m allowed to buy baby equipment or clothes for my baby. All this spicy opinions can get to my nerves as a pregnant women, but I try to stay positive and tell myself that`s just not my problem and it`s not about me. Honestly I try to stay away from my comment section for the most part because there are just to many ignorant haters out there which I don`t have time or energy for. Not only haters, but perverts as well. When that is said most of my followers, my Fluffy Teddy Bears are so positive and supportive. You Fluffy`s are the once that matters to me in this cyber world, and only you. 

OK. So how have I been lately?
I have been so tired. So so sooooo tired and exhausted. I have had to push myself to record videos, but when everything was prepared, the setting, camera and everything, it was just fun for me to record, and it took my mind of all the concerns I had lately. My energy level is pretty low this days and preparing myself a meal, wash clothes, take a shower takes a lot of energy. Well it`s all normal from what I read, so I just expect it to get better soon.
My cat was attacked by one of the wild cats out there last weekend, and his eye and ear got really hurt. He has to take antibiotics and pain medication for some time now, and it`s just not nice at all. I just hope he will get well soon.

Some ASMR videos I published lately

Stay tuned for ASMR Eating Sounds popcorn ear to ear binaural. 

Thank you so much for watching and happy weekend!

Take care!



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