Some morning thoughts

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

I did my very first live show today on my YouTube ASMR channel! It was pretty random and spontaneously. It`s not the video above, but I think it might be up on my channel later for you to see. I don`t know if I will keep it public for a very long time, because I don`t know the quality of the sound. Many complained about to bad sound, so I guess I will have to figure out the settings and stuff like that for the next time, if there will be any next time tho. I was a little bit nervous to be live and communicate with you directly to begin with, but I have had a good amount of time to consider it, and prepare myself mentally. You never now who will show up on a livestream, but I can always remove trolls or spammers so it`s not really that big of a problem. Another negative thing is that I can not edit anything and be in control of how it will look and sound like for my viewers. 

This early morning I could not sleep, so I decided to talk to you about my channel and what`t been on my mind lately. I`m just thinking loud really, and nothing is decided. I don`t like to make public decisions because I might change my mind av have some ambivalent feelings regarding different kinds of things. In this video you`ll get some insight into my feelings regarding creating ASMR and what you can expect for the future. 

Hope you all are doing fine.

Take care.




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