9 Weeks Baby Bump

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

Pregnancy update WEEK 9 is now up on my youtube channel "Dopyen". Right now am in this period where I`m starting to just look fat and want to go for a run. If someone did not know I was pregnant they would probably just assume I had some extra going on in that front area. I`m a person that would not for anything in the world let myself get fat, because I want to be healthy and healthy means not being fat and overweight. I also don`t get physically attracted to overweight and obesity, that`s just how my body and brain works, so therefor I would not allow myself to do that to myself either. I guess most people don`t want to be overweight and unhealthy and I know it`s not always that easy, but I strongly believe it requires first of all a healthy diet and letting go of certain types of foods. I believe that a low fat plant based diet is the healthiest diet out there for humans, and also the easiest way to have a steady and healthy bodyweight if you don`t want to work out like crazy. I prefer to eat healthy and eat until I`m full to maintain a healthy weight, and work out for the benefits of fitness. Being dependent on taking a run everyday to be able to eat unhealthy would not have worked out well for me, because I do not enjoy to work out a lot and it would still probably kill my body slowly on the inside before it`s time. I prefer to work out by not doing it intentionally by doing house work, canoing, take a walk, or a hike, but it`s no always a good time for that so then I will sometimes have to do the borring workout anyway. 

Have a nice day Fluffy`s

Take care and eat healthy!


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