Please Stop Speculate

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

Thank you so much for your nice and supportive comments on my lates pregnancy update. Most of them were really nice and supportive.

Just one thing. Please don`t speculate in my health and why I did not become pregnant any time sooner. There can be so many reasons, reasons that have nothing to do with my physical health or even my mentally health. I`m not obligated to share private or personal information with you, and what I choose to share is something you should not make into your own conclusions. Sometimes there are no specific answers. It`s really frustrating for me and it makes me question if I want to share things like this again. I told you previously that my husband and I tried to become pregnant without trying hard for about four years, meaning we were open to a pregnancy, that`s all. This because we wanted it to happen in a stress free and natural environment without feeling any kind  of pressure. In this period of time I sometimes focused on other things in life and did not think about pregnancy at all. Sometimes I even thought to myself it was a good thing it hadn't happened just yet, and that I should not stress at all about it, that it would happen when the time was right. I was so happy when I got a positive pregnancy test and before that happened I was considering buying ovulations tests. I did not do that tho, because I did not feel in a hurry.




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