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Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

My hormons are all over the place lately, and you can definitely see proof in my face, especially on my chin. In my mood and energy as well. It`s a long time since I had irritating skin issues. It stopped when I got pregnant, and whoop whoop, now it`s back, worse than when it is not that bad. I have been thinking that my hormons may play a big part in my little problem, and I read that drinking two cups of spearmint tea everyday can help regulate the hormonal balance in the body. I`m gonna try for sure, because I prefer to not go to the doctor ending up with a prescription for hormonal drugs. Hmmm. That`s just me. I prefer to do it the natural way as long as I can. Other than that workout and yoga should be a good thing to do as well for a hormonal unbalance. I have been getting good at getting a decent routine on yoga during the week, but not regular workouts. 

I have been thinking about my latest important topic video, the one with the swearing. I read your feedback and opinions which I appreciate so much. I can understand you as well. It was not my intention to hurt or make anyone uncomfortable, and I hope I was able to make it clear that this was my personal thoughts and feelings regarding this topic. Maybe this was not a topic suitable for an ASMR video.... Maybe I should have talked about this in my other channel, because my ASMR channel is about relaxation, and certain topics should be left unspoken in such an calm environment. I prefer to not upset anybody. Maybe I should make it more clear next time that this is just a personal feeling an opinion, and that I`m not trying to change anyone.

Certain channels have certain believes, and they want to try to change something for the better. I think this is a good thing, even if I don`t agree with everything I see and hear. We can use our voice to make a change or to make awareness around certain things, and I think that`s great. I think it`s nice to find a proper way to deliver a message without trying to offend anyone on purpose. Mark my words, "trying to offend anyone". Someone will always be offended no matter what, that`s for sure, but I can feel when someone is talking with respect without trying to provoke or judge on purpose. People will never listen by being judged anyway. 

When people say "why can't we focus on bigger problems and issues?". Have I ever said we can`t? You can focus on the issues you find important and let me focus and talk about topics that pops into my head, and that I find interesting and important. Who decides what`s the most important topics and issues, and just because there are bigger problems in the world does not mean we are not allowed to talk about the smaller once, the non problem once, or the positive, happy things? If you think that there are bigger problems out there, and are engaged, then that`s great! That means that you can go out there and do something about it, because that means that this issue is the biggest problem for you. Who are to decide what problems are the biggest or to decide what we should feel or care about? My personal opinion answer is "no one". We all have different interests and things we care about and that`s personal. There is a lot of problems out there, a lot of problems that needs attention from someone. There is even even personal problems. All the problems could need attention from the right person, but it`s not up to us to decide from who. Let`s just stop using the term "there`s bigger problems out there, so this topic, problem or issue don`t deserve attention".
Every problem needs attention from someone, small or big, and that someone is not up to us to decide.  

I like to watch positive inspirational happy YouTubers, because that brings out positive energy in myself. Watching negative YouTubers brings out sadness, anger, frustration and an all over negative energy in me, and make me feel really bad. This does not involve only YouTubers, but just people in general. When I`m saying negative I don`t mean that someone is talking about their problems and sharing difficult times and stories and are sad or mad about something. I think that`s great. When I say negative I mean people that are constantly angry at the world, angry at everything, talking bad about other people, mentioning their names in public for the whole world to see, and trying to bring other people down, are aggressive in their language, does not take responsibility for their own feelings and actions and are complaining in an aggressive manner over an over again, and are blaming or hating everyone else.
I`m not found of drama channels, it makes me feel bad, because to me it`s bullying and interference. If you talking down on someone in an aggressive sarcastic manner, making fun of them, to me that`s bullying and trolling. When someone says that the term bullying belongs in school and that we should not even use this words as a grown up. I`m sorry to say this. Ehmmm. It`s sad, but grown ups bully too, sadly without even knowing it themselves. The word bully or not, the definition is still there, and the hurt, the pain and the damage can still be caused to a person, even for grown ups.

Personally I don`t really feel bullied on the internet. I have felt harassment, hate, and some stalking tendencies from time to time , but not really bullying. To me it`s difficult to feel bullied or even harassed through a screen by strangers I never met, but that`s maybe because I have learned how to protect myself and not give it any of my attention. I`m not binging in the comment section and I know I have not done anything wrong. Peoples hate towards me is a mirror about themselves and has nothing to do with me, and the love I receive from people is also a mirror about themselves, a lovely mirror! It`s different if you are in a workspace or a school where you are surrounded with a group of people that intentionally gets together and are out to hurt you over and over again because they don`t like you, even if you did not do anything to hurt them. I`m not saying that cyber bullying is ok, because I`m sure there are people out there that are not able to find a way to protect themselves and gets really hurt and damages by it, but it`s also more difficult to control it. YouTube have definitely made my skin thicker, even if it should probably get even thicker, and for that I`m really grateful. 
My greatest tips to you is to never give haters, trolls, bullies any of your attention what so ever. Remember it`s all about them and not you. Don`t let them drag you down to their level, because then you will not feel or be any better. I can understand that this can be difficult, but try your best. You know you are better than that. On the internet you are able to block, delete, report and walk away.  Outside internet the situation is different. Luckily most people seem to have common sense, and for the other once, I`m really sorry for the victims. The best thing, or maybe the only thing to do is to find a way to walk away if you are not able to get necessary help to make them stop or walk away. 

MY Fluffy Teddy Bear squad have common sense, you are supportive, positive, understanding, patient, respects my boundaries, and are just kind human beings. That`s the subscribers that I wish to attract to my YT channel, and I do feel safe and happy on my channel because of you, so thank you for that. All kinds of different people stumbles through my channel, but it`s the Fluffy Teddy Bears that matters. 

If you managed to read all the way down here to the very last sentence I`m saying WOW.

Thank you for reading!

Have a blessed day!

Very Best



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