How did you change to a plant based diet?

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I received a question on my YouTube channel that I want to answer on my blog as well.

How did you change to a plant based diet? 

It was a process for me. About 7-8 years ago I took a challenge "30 days for the animals", eating only vegetarian food. It might have been demi-vegetarian tho. Then I decided to try to become vegetarian, but it was actually demi-vegetarian, because I still ate fish. It was a process, and it did not happen over night for me. Sometimes I ate meat at certain occasions, or bought it because I had cravings and missed the taste, but then regretted it and did not feel good about myself afterwards. When time went by it felt more and more wrong to me until I decided to stop completely with meat. I just had to reach a certain place within myself, and meat were no longer a temptation to me. I watched documentaries as well and become inspired and really sad for the animal cruelty. I`m also very much into health, and I knew after doing a lot of research that a plant based diet would benefit my health in an extremely positive direction. I actually was introduced to vegetarian food in high school, 16 years old, when I lived in a boarding school. This was a christian adventist school, and they served only vegetarian food and some caviar. 

Fish, eggs and dairy products was still a part of my diet for some years, but then I gradually excluded it more and more from my diet, reaching for other plant based products instead. This was also a process for me. 

The last couple of years I decided to try to quit fish completely, and after getting more information and reading books, I wanted to try to quit dairy products and eggs as well. I`m still in a process and I don`t really want to label myself publicly, because it interferes with my process, and it can be disturbing to have so many eyes on me watching my footsteps all the time. But I think I have come far, and I think it`s important to change for the right reasons. That you want to do it because you want to, that it feels right for you, and that you don`t refuse yourself something without knowing why, or really feeling the connection with the animals and your body. 

My favorite potato chips have some milk acidity regulator powder in it unfortunately, so I try to not buy it anymore. Sometimes it have happened anyway, because sometimes quitting something that you are used to and really like is a process that doen`t always happen over night. A lot of processed food contains animal product, and it`s not always easy to remember to check the ingredients. don`t think I need to feel bad about it tho. It`s not about being perfect all the time, but trying do what`s best for ourselves and the environment when it feels right, and we truly want to. We can not change because someone else say we have to, because then we are not really changing, and it makes us miserable. Changing should feel good.

It`s better to have vegan days during the week, than eat meat and animal products everyday for instance.

Processed meat substitute was a good option for me when I stopped eating meat, but now I don`t need it anymore, and just eat it occasionally, because it`s not really that healthy. 

I`m not following a certain plant based solution or diet, but I`m very much interested in reading books like that, and plucking out what I agree with and what works for me. But I prefer to not label myself to be on a certain diet, because I find it unnecessary and restricting. I think it`s important to listen to your own body and figure out what works for you. The book "The Starch Solution" really opened my eyes to the health benefits of a plant based diet amongst other things, and it gave me insight and information that I did not know about. If everything in there is true I don`t know, but to me it seems pretty logical, and the book kind of confirmed a lot of what I already knew and suspected.

My advice to you is to not force yourself to become plant based over night, because than you might give up and starve yourself and feel really bad both mentally and physically. Some people manage it, but you don`t have to, and it can be overwhelming. Maybe your digestive system needs to adjust to the new foods.

Do research, watch YouTubers, buy some books if you can afford, try out new recipes, find out what kinds of plant based option your local grocery store offer, and try to make it as simple as you can.

Maybe you can decide that potatoes, rice or pasta should be your main ingredient in the beginning, because this is an ingredient that`s gonna make you full and satisfied, and then add some simple vegetables, salads, grain, and play with different sauces and spices to make it taste really yummy and good. You can do a lot with potatoes. Boil them, make mashed potatoes, fry them in the pan, bake them, make pomes frites etc. For the other meals you can eat fruits, make smoothies, eat crisp bread , bread, oatmeal or a salad. Eating a big bowl of oatmeal with different nuts, seeds, flour and dried fruits with rice milk tends to keep me full for a long time. I hope this helps. :)

When all this is said, I don`t think animal cruelty is ok. I don`t think it`s ok to kill animals or torture animals. I think torture of animals is the worst of the worst. It`s much worse than just killing a happy animal in the most respective, painless way, which unfortunately I think would be necessary if we found ourself in a situation where we did not have any other options.
Most animals are being tortured for a long period of time before they are killed in the most disgusting way. It`s awful, it`s inhuman and it makes me upset and angry. I think it`s important to do my part to stop this cruelty since this is such a big part of my life, but I can`t just push a button and make it stop just like that. I really love animals from the bottom of my heart. I love animals more than I love most humans. Many people don`t know what`s going on, or they don`t want to know. They just close their eyes and ears because they love the taste of meat to much. Some people have never known an animal, never been friend with an animal. They don`t have the connection, and they just don`t feel their pain. I was a blind meat eater myself in the past that loved animals so dearly. Some people don`t like animals or have passion for them, and can we really blame them for that?  I don`t think so. But to me torture and abuse of living creature is unacceptable no matter what, and I wish it would stop! It`s not OK to kill an animal if you don`t have to. That`s my personal opinion. Just because we grew up like this, or it have been like this for thousands of years doesn't make it right, the same goes for slaves and canibalism. I`m pretty sure most of you would not be able to kill an animal yourself if you looked into his og her eyes, so why pay other people to do it when you can eat a healthy plant based diet and do your body a favor at the same time? 

If you truly love all animals you should dig deep within yourself, open your heart, and ask yourself some questions. Do you love all animals, and why? Or do you just love your pets and certain types of animals? If you don`t love animals it`s OK to. Maybe you were never able to get to know an animal or maybe your`re just not interested. Maybe you have a bad experience with them or are not able to connect with them. Either way, I don`t think it`s ok to torture and abuse them anyway.  

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