Rydde I Klesskapet Høst 2017

Ja HEI HEI kjære folkens. Nå er det jammen meg på tyde å rydde i skapet, både bokstavelig talt og mentalt. Denne gangen er det ikke love å snu, ja det kan du tru. huhu.


I love to clean out my closet, and I already did it this spring, so this time there were not much to get rid off, but I cleared away the summer clothes that I`ll almost never find an occasion to use because of our cold weather, and I replaced it with my warm sweaters.  

Sometimes I can throw away things, and sometimes I don`t even remember it, and realize I should not have thrown it away. Sometimes I have a throwing away "problem", almost like throwing away things makes me feel better, but not always. Sometimes throwing away something is really good and necessary.  It`s not really a problem, just when I throw away things that I need, and I haven`t replaced with anything else. I remember one time I threw away something I needed and still need to this day, because I thought to myself I would buy something better and nicer real soon.
In the past I watched this tv show where there were people collecting absolutely everything, so the house was completely messy, and difficult to walk in. Boxes from the floor and to the roof with garbage. It kind of scared me, because I know I would not be happy in a place like that, and it would make me crazy. But if people are happy with that kind of lifestyle, then who am I to speak. The only problem was their partner were not happy living in that kind of environment, and it ruined their relationship. The question is, what is the most important? The marriage and the children, or to collect absolutely everything, even garbage? To me it seems like a disease, especially if you're not able to control it, even if you really want to. It`s sad. People deals with their pain in different ways. Collecting, shopping, food, sex, drugs etc, but when is it dealing with pain, and when is it normal acceptable pleasure or therapy? Is it when you realize it causing problems around you, and in yourself?  
I`m all into minimalism, but not in the sense to have as little as possible, but not have more than I need, and not what I might need ten years from now, unless it`s something really expensive that I can not afford to throw away, and I know I will need again someday. I also like to have a cosy atmosphere and pick out decorations that make me feel comfortable and happy. I`m just done buying things spontaneously, or going to town to "shop". Shopping is not something I enjoy doing as I did as a kid. Shopping was one of the funniest activity when I was little. Getting something new, whatever it was. I don`t have that urge anymore, to collect clothes or things, and have as much clothes and accessories as possible. In the past I valued myself by the things that I owned, but I have walked away from that feeling. I love to shop online for things I need tho... Food related or fashion or beauty. I try to not make it a bad habit tho, and to use shopping as a therapy. It can be nice to go to the store as well if I know what I`m looking for, and it`s not on a Saturday when the mall is stocked with people. I go sometimes anyway, but it makes me really stressed out. I prefer a calm environment, which you might have understood from my ASMR videos. 

We are not our things, and how much we own does not define our worth. We can only give ourself value and that is something that comes from deep within and has nothing to do with the money and materialism in this world. 

Happy weekend Fluff`s. Take care. I hope you`ll enjoy my video.



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